Scenario 1: Application not VM-aware

Main Router Server

In these graphs, a customer reported that there was slowness in their 
batch job at night. They were running it in a VMware environment and they had
allocated the hardware based on their vendor's recommendations.

The lead team member insisted that there wasn't enough bandwidth and had asked
for an upgrade. But looking at their router link utilisation, they had more than
enough bandwidth during the job run. So upgrading the bandwidth would not solve
this issue.

The server graphs however showed something very interesting.

Even though 4 CPUs were allocated, only 1 CPU was highly utilised during the

Checks confirmed that the application was not designed to run efficiently in a
VMware environment.  The application developer later rewrote their code to 
work in VMware.

Our service and consultants will save you money and time by identifying which
problematic area to focus on and not doing unnecessary upgrades.

Scenario 2: Disk usage trends


The SAP B1 server crashed and the reason was the server had run out of disk space. The log files were huge and after it was cleared, the system could start again. But was it the "root cause"? After a few weeks, we took a look at the yearly graph, we discovered the same growth pattern as in the weeks before it. If left unchecked, the system would crash again in 11 months time. The application team then wrote a script to clear old logs after every 2 weeks. Our service highlights system trends as a pre-cursor to system failures.

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